Mission statement and charter

Shanzu Orphans Home (SOH) is an orphanage in Mombasa, Kenya.

It is sponsored and supported by German voluntary working friends and a conveyor circuit, who visit the orphanage several times a year.

The board of directors is regularly in touch with the employees in Kenya besides these visits.

The responsible employees on-site are sisters of the local St Joseph’s Order, who are committed to the Christian social ethics. Further, the orphanage employs local Kenyans, mostly from underprivileged background, who are committed to the following principles:


SOH provides shelter to 40 children without parents, children who have lost a parent, abandoned children, street children and children whose parents are mentally challenged and are unable to care for their children.

Many children are victims of abusive behavior in their early childhood or have seen their parents dying.

The work on-site takes place on the basis of Kenyan regulations.

Local materials and techniques are used for housing construction.

To meet our mission, we are in close contact with different organizations in Mombasa and are supported from time to time by the civil population through donations in kind.


Children are assigned to SOH through a well-established bureaucratic process. After being taken up, usually they are brought to a “rescue center”.

From there, in agreement with the local family ministry, they are brought to an orphanage that has a free bed available, which helps in ensuring that the children are indeed in need. Furthermore, this facilitates prevention of human trafficking.


The sent volunteers are carefully selected and deployed depending on their skills. They do not get any salary for their work and the journey is on their own cost. We are strictly against “voluntourism”, a commercial form of short-term tourism in orphanages that can harm children.


Accounting is transparent and 100% of all donations proceed directly towards the project. All transactions are clearly and properly documented.

Mission statement


The work of SOH takes place on the following guiding principles: 


SOH helps vulnerable children and youth.

It provides them a safe, clean and well managed home with healthy meals, good health care and the possibility of attending a good private school.

The young people in SOH are also supported after their school leaving certificate through financial help for higher studies or vocational training.

They have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities during their leisure time and are also provided academic support.


The caring staff is present around-the-clock and helps the children get an independent lifestyle by enhancing their cognitive, emotional and social development skills through Christian characterized education. Every child is doing his own part to the public welfare in SOH, depending on the individual skills. Through the daily life together, they are gaining social competence.


SOH provides support to children and young people as needed and does not discriminate on the basis of their ethnic background, religion or gender.


SOH provides financial and personal support for people in need.

At the same time, reporting about the current situation of the project is a major part of our work.


In accordance with § 19 of the UN convention of the children’s right, we strictly reject violence on children and set in for working harmoniously together on-site.

Human dignity, respect for differences between humans and cultures, justice, sustainability, care, love and responsibility are our core values.

We set the goal to help the project in gaining more independence through income-generating measures.

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