Dear friends and sponsors of SOH,


We are back from our trip to Kenya in July and have the following updates;


An important investment which will extend and raise the wall around the home, to ensure the safety of the children and the sisters.

The gate will be installed in the coming days.

Behind the house a vegetable garden has been planted, so that the children can learn the basics of agriculture. They are very excited about their first crop.


A masoned sign was put next to the street, to draw visitor's attention to the Orphanage.

The children have been going to Hermann Marx school since May. We visited the children and were impressed with the excellent education they are receiving there.

Unfortunately, the school is 45 minutes away by car, so we are considering buying a bus and also hiring a reliable driver, to ensure a safe journey to school for our children.


Living expenses, medical supply and school fees are almost as high as in western countries. This is why we need your support.


The orphanage has enough space for more needy children.

If we can manage to complete the second floor of the Orphanage and keep the budget for the maintenance at a steady level, we can welcome new children in the home , as there are many children that need our help.


Please support us keeping the SOH alive!


This is why we need every contribution for the Shanzu Orphans Home - with your valued donation YOU can have a positive effect on the project and the children.


In the name of the children and the Sisters of St. Joseph we say 'ASANTE SANA' for you interest and support.